Coming in 2024!

I cannot wait to share two new publications in 2024 that aim to empower families in the midst of betrayal. 

Believing will share personal experiences from my 19 years as the wife of a sex addict, practical tips for parenting and running a household from this mom of 9, solid advice for healing from my perspective as a betrayal trauma specialist, and reflective activities for you to personalize your own healing journey while raising your family. 

"I Can Help Me" is a tool for parents to use with the children (and their children's therapist!) as they navigate the impact problematic sexual behavior has had on the family as a whole. This book will give you and your child a framework and vocabulary to communicate about sensitive topics and deep emotions. The workbook is highly interactive with lots of activities that build upon each other to create a scaffold for the 
parent/child/therapist relationship, maximizing the potential for healing and growth.

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