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When your partner does the unthinkable, your world turns upside down. You are afraid to turn to those you would normally trust as the life you once had vanishes in a whirlwind of overwhelming emotions, legal jargon, and government agencies you never thought you would encounter. Questions plague you as you wrestle to try and do the necessities of life when all you want to do is go back to the bliss of before. 

 No one should have to face this devastating betrayal alone.

During my time overseas, I heard countless stories of the devastation of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) distribution, trafficking, pedophilia, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence, oftentimes just down the road in our little village. Once we returned to the States, I was able to attend the COFRA Partner's training through StopSO in the UK and learn how to better support betrayed partners of offenders.

I offer both 1:1 and group sessions for partners of sexual offenders at discounted rates. It is an honor and a privilege to walk with you as you meet the challenges of the present while looking to the future. There truly is hope!


Will Coach Casey have any interaction with my legal team, child protective services, my therapist, or the courts? 

Every coaching, consulting, and community session is completely confidential. I will never speak with any government agency or legal team unless you specifically ask me to in a written agreement. I will never speak with anyone on your mental health team without your written permission. The only time I would break confidentiality would be if you reported the abuse of children, the elderly, or were a danger to yourself or others. I would then notify the proper authorities with your full knowledge.  

I highly recommend my clients also work with therapists. Come Awake clients can sign a Release of Information form in order for me to confidentially coordinate support with their mental health clinician. You DESERVE a team of support.

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Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy nor is it meant to help anyone with psychological disorders. If you are looking for help for psychological disorders, please contact a professional.





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