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As a mother watching my children suffer from the myriad of consequences from betrayal, I felt helpless to support them while struggling with my own pain. Betrayed families have unique needs and need a professional team of support to gain the skills to move forward.

Come Awake Family Consultations

Based off the work and training of APSATS clinical specialist, Jessica Eidens, Come Awake Family Consultations provide the initial information and considerations you need to become an informed parent.
  • Set personalized goals for initial family support including building a professional team to meet the needs of each family member. 
  • Learn how addiction can affect the family system
  • Create initial individual recovery goals for yourself 
  • Learn about the process of healing from betrayal
  • Learn about the recovery process from problematic sexual behavior
  • Explore potential warning signs in children who might need additional therapeutic support 
  • Learn about the Family Disclosure process and consider if/when your family needs one
  • Learn about important steps you can take after a Family Disclosure to continue healing


Educational Resources:

Who's Going to Help Me?: A Children's Book for Disclosing a Parent's Problematic Sexual Behavior

APSATS Video: Adult Children of Sex Addicts Part 1

APSATS Video: Adult Children of Sex Addicts Part 2

Listening to Children of Sex Addicts

Toddler Relational Attunement

Love Sense: from Infant to Adult

Sex Addiction and the Family

How Childhood Trauma Leads to Addiction 

*Trigger Warning: Cartoon depiction of pornography 

Soothing the Threatened Brain  

*Consider the information in the framework of how parents can soothe and help their children heal.

Therapists with Training in Family Disclosure:

Teresa Prince (Alabama)

Laura Fletcher (Texas)

Megan Weller (California)

Dara Stockton (Georgia)

 Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy nor is it meant to help anyone with psychological disorders. If you are looking for help for psychological disorders, please contact a professional.


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