What is Coaching?

A professional coach is first and foremost your advocate. I am 100% on Team (Insert Your Name Here). I am ready to be with you as you make the first decision on your healing journey, the last, and every one in between. From sharing your story with someone you trust for the first time to making decisions about the future of your relationship and anywhere in between, I can be a consistent listening ear and sounding board as you manage your healing. 

 In the throes of betrayal, we often lose trust in ourselves. Coaching is all about helping you process your current reality and empowering you to build a future based on your deeply held values. Coaching meets you where you are. With both personal experience in betrayal and professional, specialized training, I can support you through challenging decisions, join you in tackling the complex issue of boundaries, and guide you in setting up a clear roadmap of how you want to achieve your recovery goals.

Whether you want to focus on restoring truth with a Full Disclosure, gain clarity and internal calm with your present situation using concepts from Parts Work Spiritual Direction, stabilize your day-to-day routine with a personalized Come Awake Foundations of Health plan, find support for your whole family through the Toward for Families program, or simply process through your betrayal with an empathetic witness, we will start right where you are. Follow this link for a free consultation!

 You can learn more about my training and credentials here

Disclaimer: Coaching is not a therapy nor is it meant to help anyone with psychological disorders. If you are looking for help for psychological disorders, please contact a professional.


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