Get the information you need from someone who has been there... 

Initial Couple's Consultation

With the trauma of betrayal, getting on the same page as a couple can be challenging! Let us help you discover the essential steps for healing as individuals while giving you a picture of what the coupleship will face should either or both of you decide to move forward with recovery. This consultation will eliminate the need for ultimatums and the constant rehashing of expectations. 

Family Consultation Package

Over the course of 6 sessions, we will together design your family's foundation for healing. Based off the work and training of APSATS clinical specialist, Jessica Eidens, the Come Awake Family Consultation provides the tools and information you need to support your children and yourself in the midst of betrayal.
  • Learn how addiction affects the family system
  • Create an individual recovery plan as a betrayed partner
  • Explore potential warning signs in children who might need additional therapeutic support 
  • Discuss and prepare for your Family Disclosure Process
  • Build a personalized plan for family involvement in the recovery process
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Family Member or Friend Consultation 
Problematic sexual behavior not only affects the immediate family but also extended family members and friends. Confusion, anger, and difficult questions can create a challenging situation for betrayed partners. My Family Member or Friend Consultation can help family members or friends get the education they need as well as learn how they can best support you on your journey of healing. 

Make sure to also book your own coaching session or initial individual consultation to get on track with relational boundaries and your personal recovery journey.
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Disclaimer: Coaching and Consulting are not a therapy nor are they meant to help anyone with psychological disorders. If you are looking for help for psychological disorders, please contact a professional.


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