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Betrayal lasted the entirety of our 10 years as missionaries in Cambodia. The experience of total isolation in my pain and the burden of knowing our family's finances and ministry were potentially in jeopardy (not to mention my life's dream of serving in Cambodia!) placed a weight on my heart I should never have had to carry. Having been on a journey of recovery for quite a while now,  I feel immensely blessed by the "missionaries" who reached into my broken heart and messy life with the love and grace of Christ. I now desire to be that safe and confidential sister in Christ who can help you not only carry this burden but also help you decide to the best way to unload it piece by piece. We can talk all of the details from legal issues to talking to your organization or church to how to handle finances. Are you ready to come awake? Let's do it together!


Will Coach Casey have any interaction with my supporting church or organization? 

Every coaching, consulting, and community session is completely confidential. I will never speak with your organization nor church unless you specifically ask me to. The only time I would break confidentiality would be if you reported the abuse of children, the elderly, or were a danger to yourself or others. I would then notify the proper authorities with your full knowledge.

Resources for Missionary Wives

The Body Keeps the Score 

Altogether You 

Bloom for Women

The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists 

Christian Sex Addictions Specialists International  

A Door of Hope

Gap Relief (International Trauma Counseling)

Juniper Tree Missionary Retreat Center - offers room (houses), board, gym, laundry, a wonderful outdoor space for children, access to transportation, resources list, and close proximity to 2 missionary counseling centers.  Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Michael Leahy and Ex Wife - An courageous testimony about sex addiction and how it affects families. This video is well worth your 45 minutes.


Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy nor is it meant to help anyone with psychological disorders. If you are looking for help for psychological disorders, please contact a professional.


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