Lament: A Betrayed Partner's Cry to God

I'm clinging, but I am afraid.

I'm striving, but I am weak.


You didn't plant me like a tree beside the waters.

You didn't raise me like a banner in the battle.

Instead, You let me sink.

You let me think I would be overcome, 

that I would die in misery and failure.


But I have to believe you bring beauty from ashes.

 I've never heard You tell me You're leaving 

even if I felt like You had. 

I'd turn around and see You through tears

in a face,

in the sunlight,

in Your Word.

I'd hear You

in the wind,

in laughter,

in loving words.

I'd feel You

in an embrace,

in the warm breeze,

in the rain.



 And You were enough,

just enough air to breathe the next breath,

just enough strength for the next step,

just enough hope to live the next moment.


But that was only when I kept my eyes on You 

even while the ripping distraction of suffering vied for my attention 

and tried to crush my redemption.


Hold my arms as I stand in truth against lies.

Embrace me as a shield against all evil.



Fill me again and again overflowing before I run after fleeting human affection.

You are truly the desire of my heart, 

the one to Whom I will always return, 

to Whom nothing compares: