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Come Awake NOP Legal Consultation 

October 13, 2023 from 11:00AM - 1:00PM CST via Zoom

with Attorney Robert Perry, Certified Criminal Trial Attorney and former Assistant County Prosecutor.
Robert is partner and head of criminal litigation at Rosenberg Perry and Associates, LLC in Mt. Holly New Jersey. Robert will be addressing the legal aftermath of an arrest along with the immediate issues that need to be addressed for both the addict and the partner. Other topics include the following:

  • When are spouses required to report? Coaches? Therapists? Group Facilitators?

  • What legal protection do spouses and addicts have within the context of a Full Formal Disclosure (especially with a polygraph)?

  • What legal protections are afforded spouses when married to a more abusive offending partner?

  • What legal rights do non-offending partners have as far as their children are concerned?

  • What legal hurdles could they expect in that realm?

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Come Awake NOP Informal Consultation

with Ken Ovitz, CSAT, SOTP discussing the overlap between sexual addiction and sexual offending and the unique impact on the non-offending partner. Ken has 25 years of experience in this field and is a certified member of ATSA.



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with Niki Colombino, PhD, Center for Forensic and Clinical Psychology of New Jersey LLC

An Overview of Those Who Perpetrate Sexual Harm and Supporting Their Non-Offending Partner or Spouse


Topics Include:

Prevalence of sexual violence of contact and non-contact offenses
Legal definitions of contact and non-contact sexual offenses
The procedural process once sexual harm is reported (e.g., investigation, forensic
Legislation for those convicted of a sexual offense
Characteristics of those who perpetrate sexual harm
Sexual Addiction (how this is different or similar from sexual offending)
Supporting spouses of those convicted of a sexual offense
o Non-offending parent/spouses common reactions and suggested support
strategies to promote resilience

2 Hour Recorded Training 


Donation for Partners of Offenders



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